Light up Genius by Granma Inc.


Robots and machines are taking human’s jobs.

We are living in an era where things we saw in our vision of future world are tuning into reality.

We are fortunate, at the same time, to live in this era where we can take serious efforts
in figuring out what kind of activities are the ones that only human can contribute in.

Creative idea, tacit knowledge, a touch, meddling, careful attentiveness,
appropriate advice, sympathizing with a person you are dealing with,
decision and action based on consideration over context...
Improvement in technologies is actually enhancing the value of human beings
and it is providing more opportunities for individuals to demonstrate their abilities.

These situations are in close relationship with Individual abilities and contexts.

This is why we create jobs that bring out people's strengths,
develop their talents and encourage them take pride in their jobs.

Shining the spotlight on each person’s strength.
Light Up Genius

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About Boat

Company Name Granma Inc.
Established Apr. 21, 2009
CEO Takuto Motomura
Office INDIA: S-84, LGF, Grater Kailash Part2, New Delhi
JAPAN: 2-9-1 Minani, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo
Clients Panasonic Corporation, Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited, Sony Corporation, The Nippon Foundation, the U.S. Embassy in Japan, Hokkaido University
Legal advisor Nobuki Kato
Tax advisor Seven Rich Accounting Inc.
Granma Inc. was established on April 21st 2009.
Launched consulting service specialized in BOP market
Began sales and distribution network development support service for BOP market
Consolidated bases into two locations, New Delhi, India and Meguro, Tokyo.
Planning to establish Granma Concierge Service Ltd


Takuto Motomura

Takuto Motomura

Born in April 1984 in Tokyo.
Takuto Motomura was born in Tokyo in April, 1984. He took part in launching a staffing agency in Nagoya in 2004. He entered State University of New York Morrisville in 2005 and during his college year, he wandered around Asia and Africa. Based on his experiences from his these travels, Takuto established Granma Inc. which has now expanded its business to eight Asian countries where he supports Japanese companies in making BoP market entry. In 2011, he attended UNESCO Asian Youth Forum. He is making a full effort in developing the company’s new service specialized in Indian market since 2014.

CEO Message

We have presented a bold definition of poverty in the very early days of our company, as following: “Poverty is a state of lacking imagination.” We set our corporate mission as “to make contribution in removing the chains of poverty in the world.” I am confident that these definition and mission will remain as Granma Inc.'s reason as well as significance of existence.

Since we chose to strive to achieve our mission as a profit-making company, we have been pursuing profit through our business activities as a matter of course and growing our business to return our profit to society as a corporate citizen's responsibility since our third year. Additionally, we will launch a new service in our new field this year. We are committed to keep our business profitable and pay tax which is a bounden social contribution.

With that said, Granma Inc., which grew slightly more mature than before, will continue to present to the world a concrete methodology to break the chain of poverty.

To do so, we will create new jobs in communities we are involved in to vitalize their economies, drive development of environment where a community can demonstrate its leadership in economic development and to “light up genius,” which is an idea we sublimated into our motto starting this year. In another words, we will dedicate ourselves in creating mechanisms that wake up abilities of individuals across the world.

We have set out on a voyage, and will make the utmost effort to live up to your expectations!!

Takuto Motomura,
CEO, Granma Inc.
April 21st 2015, in Goa, India